The Secret Science Behind Yoga

  Have you ever seen people peering though windows of main line yoga studios and thinking, “What a waste of an hour. This isn’t even really exercise!” Well, maybe they’re right, but there is certainly a scientific basis behind the tangible benefits of practicing yoga. By increasing your flexibility, strengthening your joints and socializing with […]

Why Live Music Makes Us Happy

“Music soothes the savage breast.” William Congreve, The Mourning Bride (1697) Congreve’s quote has more than artistic merit. Scientists have long known that live music is all around us in nature from the rhythm of the wind in the trees to the many bird songs. These are just some examples of the most beautiful music in […]

5 Ways Fresh Juice Can Change Your Life

Juicing is more than just a diet or health fad, it is becoming a new way of life for many people. Juicing is certainly something you can do at home with the right equipment, but many people prefer to have it made professionally. Thankfully, main line juice bars, like the New Leaf Juice Bar, are […]